White Bunk Beds Are A Great Match For Any Decor

If you have a room with limited floor space and need to sleep 2 children, bunk beds are a great choice. Bunk beds are an excellent choice of bed for small rooms and particularly for sleeping 2 children of nearly the same age. White bunk beds are the ideal choice of bed for children’s rooms since they match any design motif. You can pair these bunk beds with any coloured wall besides white.

If you have a white bed in a white room, change the colors of the walls so that the bed does not seem to blend into the room. Use fun, colored bed spreads in a color that matches the wall. This will be quite a nice look since the top bedding will look almost as if it is floating.

Some white beds are made for boys while others are made for girls. The beds for the boys usually have very straight lines and feature simplistic design and structure. Some bunk beds for the girls can be more complicated in design and may have an arced foot board and head board while others have closed floor boards with sculpted and molded edges. An imaginative little girl would instantly fall in love with a bunk bed fashioned like a doll house.

If you love to host lots of guests in your home for slumber parties, you might want to consider going for a bunk bed with a trundle under the bed. You can push the trundle in when not in use. Once you pull out the trundle for sleeping, all you need to add are some pillows and some additional blankets to make it comfortable for sleeping on.

Storage is another under the bed option. Rather than keeping a trundle under the bed for your guests to sleep in, you could install a drawer under the bed for storing extra toys or clothing. This convenient additional storage space can be concealed as part of the bed.

Another important aspect to consider about white bunk beds is ladder placement. Some beds have ladders attached to the side of the bed while others extend out towards the floor. Ladders that extend outwards towards the floor are easier and safer to climb. Always ensure that ladders are properly secured.

Some bunk beds can be positioned for additional storage room. A chest of drawers supports the upper bunk bed under the head and foot board. The lower bed sits beneath the loft space with the headboard against the wall. This ensures that 2 people can sleep in the individual beds and keep the clothes stored in the sides of the bed. This type of bed is ideal for rooms with limited space that require more storage where it can be created.

White bunk beds are the ideal solution when searching for a bed that will fit in your limited space. These beds come in a variety of designs and styles and you must always choose the design that will be a right fit for your space and your child.

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