What To Look For In Cheap White Bunk Beds Before Purchase

Bunk beds are the perfect space saving solution when you have too few rooms in the home and you simply can’t afford to upgrade your home or provide all of your children with a separate bedroom. Many children welcome the idea of sleeping in bunk beds because they feel adventurous and interesting due to their design and height. Modern parents especially look for cheap white bunk beds online as white metal is not only modern, but offers clean lines and a sturdy construction for kids of all ages.

If this is your first time shopping for bunk beds as a parent, it’s important to take a few things into consideration. Choosing the wrong sized bed won’t just be uncomfortable for your children, but it can be a costly mistake. Consider the following information before purchasing cheap white bunk beds:

Construction: The most important aspect of any bunk beds you’ll be looking at is the construction. You need to consider the weight of your children and the maximum load capacity outlined by the company. Oftentimes, the actual look and feel of the bunk bed construction will hint at its sturdiness and stability. Your children will want something they can feel safe sleeping in which is why metal is a popular option for bunk beds. It can withstand regular use and carry the weight of several individuals without warping or cracking.

Dimensions: Measure twice if necessary before purchasing bunk beds, no matter how cheap they are. Merchants will always list the dimensions of their bunk beds so you know exactly what to expect in terms of size, but you need to measure the amount of space you have in the bedroom before making the purchase. Oftentimes, measuring wrong by just an inch can completely throw you off and prevent the bed from fitting right. When you find a bunk bed of interest, make sure you compare measurements and physically use a tape measure to see how it will fit when assembled.

Bed Size: Most commonly, you’ll find metal bunk beds that feature space for two twin sized mattresses. However, many parents will also discover that bunk beds come in different sizes such as twin over full beds or full over full. These are ideal to consider when you have children a few years apart in age as it allows an older child to sleep on a wider mattress.

Safety Features: It’s important for parents to understand that bunk beds, no matter how well constructed they are, will always offer some element of a safety risk for young children. With that being said, quality cheap bunk beds have safety features such as guard rails and a sturdy ladder that’s easy to maneuver. Safety also depends on you as a parent teaching your child not to attempt any horseplay in, on or around the beds.

Design: Metal beds tend to be trendy and modern featuring a clean open design. Unlike wooden bunk beds, metal bunk beds don’t come with as many design features such as an added desk, shelf or underbed storage. With that being said, you can still use baskets to store toys and clothing underneath the metal bunk bed.

Price: Wooden bunk beds are the most expensive as they’re considered the longest lasting and the sturdiest. Many parents, however, can’t afford to pay the exorbitant costs associated with genuine wood, therefore, opting for metal that features clean and sleek lines instead. Metal is durable and lightweight, but also provides the advantage of being highly affordable for young parents with a tight budget.

Reviews: Not all bunk beds and brands will have readily available reviews that you can read, but it’s important to do your research before purchasing a certain bunk bed. It’s important to ensure that the construction is sound and no parts have been recalled as your child’s safety may be at risk if you don’t shop around. The Internet is a great platform to find out the good and the bad when it comes to any and all furniture products.

Shopping for bunk beds online isn’t always easy. You’ll want a bed that’s not only sturdy and affordable, but safe as well. Make sure you shop around and consider the factors outlined above before taking a leap of faith.

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