The Awesomeness of White Triple Bunk Beds

Can you imagine white triple bunk beds? While not the standard fare for bunk beds, this arrangement might be just the thing for triplets, or even three brothers or sisters of different ages.

But if you are one to analyze things more closely, this setup is probably not going to be one that will always work so much for the young ladies, as they prefer more in the way of a stable setting with one bed on the ground. At the most girls might put up with two beds in one bedroom, considering that they have enough room for their other things.

The age factor enters into this equation too, probably more so with the girls more than the boys, since girls require more privacy as they grow older, the boys probably not so much.

The triple-decker actually is probably more appropriate for the boys because at the young to pre-teen age years, they are more into imaginative play times, and the three beds stacked together make for a splendid pirate ship, or a sky raider space vehicle.

'Oscar' White Solid Pine Wood Triple Sleeper Bunk Bed- Single & Double by 'Sleep Design'Boys at these ages are far less bothered by formality than their female counterparts, and rather than be discouraged or aghast at the arrangement, they are much more likely to embrace it.

What fun can result from such a natural setup, for some of the best adventures young boys have is the times when there are the least of manufactured toys around. The bottom bunk can be the below decks, or the bilge, the middle bunk is of course the bridge of the sailing ship (pirate ship to be exact) and the top bunk is the crow’s nest.

Or if that setup becomes tiresome, a total revamp can instantly be placed into being with the three levels instantly becoming the world headquarters for Captains America (all three boys are Captain America in triple form.)Hanna Triple Bed in White Bunk Kids Bed Noa & Nani

These three joined beds will form the foundation of a lifetime of memories among the three brothers or who ever grows up with them. Most bunk beds are built to come apart and become regular beds at some point in the life of growing brothers, and as they get older they will tire of games and imaginations of adventure and drama.

Most importantly, bonds of trust, communication, fun, whimsy and memories of childhood are forever embedded in young minds.

Whether the triple beds were put into place out of necessity, due to space in the house, or placed there just for fun it really doesn’t matter as three brothers look back at their growing up years.

What a great way to grow up and have the luxury of such fun sleeping arrangements that double as every other use imaginable.

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